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About Google Malware Checker

Information About Google Malware & The Checker Tool

What is malware?

“Malware is any software or mobile application specifically designed to harm a computer, a mobile device, the software it's running, or its users” – Google.

How it affects SEO.

Aside from the countless spam that malware can produce on a website, search engines like Google avoid sending users to any website that may put the user or the user’s computer at risk. 

Site’s that search engines deem as suspicious (malware or unwanted software) will be lowered in SEO ranking or removed completely from the search engine results page.

Using the Google Malware Checker.

Enter the link into the tool and hit “Submit” to analyze any website for suspicious scripts, malicious content, and other web security threats hidden within the contents of a website.

Once you hit submit, a window with Google’s analysis will pop up with your results.