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About Keyword Position Checker

Information About Keyword Position

What is keyword positioning?

Keyword positioning is the position that your web page holds in search engine results for a particular keyword.

Why is keyword positioning important?

When a search query or “keyword” is inputted into search engines, various web pages optimized for that keyword are ranked and placed at specific positions on the search engine results page. 

For example, a webpage at the top of the first page in the search engine results page for the keyword, “Yoga Mats under $10,” has a keyword positioning of 1 for that particular keyword.

Knowing your pages’ keyword position can help you determine the next action you want to take for search engine optimization.

Using the Keyword Position Checker.

To find your web page’s keyword position:

  1. Enter your page URL
  2. Enter the keywords you want to check your page’s position for
  3. Choose the position you want to check up to
  4. Click the “Find Keyword Position” checker

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