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What is page size?

Page size is the amount of data (bytes) needed to render a web page. 

Why is it important in SEO?

The size of a web page can affect loading speed, which is an important factor in user experience and SEO ranking.  The more data your web page requires, the higher number of HTTP requests browsers will send to your website’s server when loading that web page. 

A few variables that affect page size are:

  • HTML files
  • JavaScript files
  • CSS files
  • Image Size

One way to reduce page size is to optimize your images and minify your code files.  If you’re using website builders, you can use plugins as a solution.  If plugins are not an option for you, you must do everything manually.

Using the Page Size Checker.

Using the Page Size Checker tool is as simple as copy & paste the URL for the webpage you want to check.