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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of copying another’s work or idea and claiming it as your own.  There are various types of plagiarism, and the two types we want to quickly go over are direct plagiarism & patchwork plagiarism.

Direct Plagiarism:  Also referred to as Global Plagiarism by Scribbr, is the complete form of plagiarism where one claims another person’s idea/work, word for word, as their own

Patchwork Plagiarism:  Also referred to as Mosaic Plagiarism by Scribbr, is the act of adding, omitting, paraphrasing, or combining multiple ideas/works as an attempt to create a new & unique work without citing the original sources.

Why is plagiarism significant to you?

Not only is plagiarism dishonest, it is a legal violation in many countries.  To top it off, plagiarism can also negatively affect your blog/website’s SEO as the algorithm that search engines use can detect plagiarized content. 

Therefore, it is in your best interest to, at the very least, cite your sources.

How accurate is this Plagiarism Checker?

Our plagiarism checker is great mainly for "direct plagiarism." We cannot guarantee that anything you submit has no "patchwork plagiarism.” 

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