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What are website links?

Website links are anchor text that redirects visitors to different web pages.  Links can be internal or external.

  • An internal link is a link on your website that directs visitors to another page on your website.
  • An external link is a link on your website that directs visitors to a page that is not on your website (external site).

Why are links important?

When it comes to SEO, links are beneficial for user experience, web crawling/indexing, and relevancy.  Internal links on a website can transfer relevancy and credibility to other pages on that website.

As far as external links go, there are two variants of them.  One variant is a link that is on your website that links to an external site.  The second variant is a link on an external site that links to your website.  This second variant is also known as a backlink.

The Website Links Count Checker counts the number of internal links and the first variant of external links on your website.  Therefore, backlinks are not a factor here.

External links that come from your site are great for the user experience as they provide convenience to the user.

More information on backlinks.

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