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Information About The Website Reviewer Tool

How can this tool benefit your website/blog?

Our Website Reviewer Tool uses a web crawler simulation to scan and provide an in-depth analysis of any URL you submit.  Our tool provides:

  • 100% real-time results with no cached data
  • Over 50 SEO metrics for your webpage.
  • Suggestions for each SEO metric

Using the Website Reviewer Tool

To use the Website Reviewer Tool, place the URL of the web page you want to be reviewed and hit the “submit” button.  Please allow some time for our tool to carefully analyze any web page you submit.

The Website Reviewer Tool provides 3 overall percentages:

  • Passed – This refers to any metric on your website that the reviewer tool deems SEO efficient
  • To Improve – This refers to any metric that has a mild amount of SEO efficiency but may need a bit of improvement.
  • Errors – This refers to any metric that the reviewer tool deems inefficient for SEO.

Suggestions will be provided by our tool for any metric that is an “error” or in need of improvement.